NO MEANS A NONo means a no!!! Sooner this patriarchal society gets it in their heads,it will be a way better society for women to live in.Women are given lessons on a lot of things like how to talk,what to say,how to sit,what to wear,not to argue with their husbands or in laws,and of course a lot more do's and don't s.Generally this society expects a woman to follow certain norms and rules set up by it and if a woman don't abide all these,she face the wrath of this society.Why is it so that after getting married women are considered to be someone who must follow the norms and rules followed by her in laws and husband? Don't we women have a life which we can live according to our own wish.Why we women are considered someone's else property? Aren't we humans???Why is it so that marriage means that she need to loose her own self just to prove that how much she love and respects her new home???The most interesting fact about our so called well cultured society is t…


FEMINIST'S TALK I really don't get the matter of fact that why many people especially men of our patriarchal society hate feminists. Well I guess firstly they don't have the real idea of feminism in their mind and that is the reason behind their hatred towards the feminist.Secondly some men fear that they will loose their authority to rule over women.
Well I am a feminist and for me feminism is all about equality.The feminists in true sense will never want to establish a matriarchal society where women will rule over men.   We feminists can have the diamonds with our own earned money,for that we don't need you.
We don't want you men to leave your seats while you are traveling to your home after a long tiring day in bus or train just because we are standing in that very bus or train.If you can stand in a bus or train and travel after a long tiring day we also can do it. We don't want you to do whatever we want,we don't want to dominate over you,we value your thou…




POWER OF TRUTH Truth is one of the most powerful things of the world.The power of truth is such that it can also be heard in pin drop silence.It don't need any sound to make the world hear it.It's so powerful that it have the power to create and destroy each and everything of the world.Each and everything in this universe is bind by truth.There is simply nothing present in this world which holds the power to beat it.

It's very difficult to walk on the roads of truth but if someone have the determination of walking through the roads of truth then may be not today but someday or the other that person will achieve each and everything he/she wanted.
Being with truth gives eternal happiness.

Someone have true said it is always very easy to lie for the first time but after that it becomes extremely difficult as we need to lie again and again to cover our previous lies and it's very difficult to speak the truth for the first time but after that it becomes really easy to speak the…


JOURNEY vs DESTINATIONWe all want to reach a certain destination in our life.But it is our journey which makes our destination worth it.

We all travel a long road to reach the destination where we want to be.Many a times we win,many a times we stumble,many a times we loose hope but it is all about "the keep going attitude" which ensures that one day no matter what we will achieve our dreams for sure and will reach our destination.Life is a journey where we don't know what is going to happen the next moment,we don't know whether we will finally reach our destination or not and this is what makes our life incredible.
The best part of our journey to reach our destination are the experiences that we gain during the course of our journey.It teach us those lessons of life which even the best books and best teachers of this world can't teach us in our lifetime. In our journey to our destination we meet a lot of people.Some have similar plans for their future like us,some d…


MY MOTHERLAND INDIA We all want our country to progress in every sector but how many of us are really into the process of making our country to progress in every way possible.It's true that our country have many loopholes and we have to move a long way to make our country developed in every possible way.
 Government alone can't make our country a developed one we all need to contribute in every way possible for making our nation to stand strong and to be one of those nations which is truly developed and for whose visa even the citizens of the most powerful nations stand in a queue.
 Our country have each and everything that a nations needs for its development,be it's man power,or resources,or climate etc.The thing that we need to make our country the golden bird again is the unconditional love for our motherland.
The day we citizens of this great country will realize our strengths and potential,that day no one will be able to stop our nation to become the golden bird again.We …


BEING ORIGINAL We simply loose our own self when we try to do something or be someone which we are not and in which we don't believe it. Some change for being someone better. Some change for getting attention. Some change in the name of doing something new in their life. Today,let's unfold the journey of the feeling of being the person who is the best in his/her own self because they are original version of themselves. 
When we see someone who have done something really worth it in their life we just want to become someone like them whom everyone admire.But the matter of fact is when someone achieve something really worth it,when they prove themselves,when they make themselves proud,when they make everyone thrill with their work it's because they are the original version of themselves,they believed themselves when everyone tried to put them down,they never believed in the idea of grabbing attention,they never did anything in which they don't believe in,they never supported …