Saturday, 10 March 2018



Hello readers.Hope you all are well.
Well we all are aware that 8th march is celebrated as International Women's day,oops!! sorry,let me correct myself,it's HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN"S DAY!!!!!

But is it really happy and worth celebrating.

Our roads are not safe after 8 P.M,cases of domestic violence and dowry deaths are increasing day by day,girls are not allowed to complete their education,women are molested,raped and here we are talking about women's day that too happy.What an irony!!!!

The journey of we women from remaining confined in the four walls of the kitchen to conquering the skies was not a fairy tale,to be honest it was never a cakewalk for we women to set out of our homes to be something,to get our identity,to prove ourselves.
The struggle women went through since years elocutes the never ending saga of trailblazer women.It's true that the struggle from becoming something from nothing was cumbersome,at times we got fed up,it got extremely tiresome,we broke,we cried but we never stopped.We kept moving ahead and that is the the reason why we women are able to get the deserved position in the society.

 Well the slogans and rhetorics don't help,nor do organizations,neither do campaigns and strikes,laws don't inculcate humanity and the advertisements with catchy captions don't make we women to feel safe,but yeah a mindset can.A mindset which understands that feminism is all about equality,a mindset who respect women and supports them in their journey.

According to our so called well cultured,educated society a women is always known by her father's name before getting married,and is known by her husband's name after getting married,this is the norm we need to break.We need to live our life with only our identity.Are we women born only to be known by the names of our fathers an husbands,where are our names,our identity.We need to make sure that our identity will not get lost in the web of this patriarchal society.

And for that we need to wake up,act and never stop from achieving our goals.We need to become the game changer.It's enough now for we women to always live under the dominance of male chauvinism and the patriarchal society which have always restricted women in each and everything and always have set boundaries for we women which have let our wings to learn,how to fly with confidence in the sky.

Every second,minute,hour,day is ours to conquer the world.
A mother,a daughter,a sister,a wife,a friend,we women have always played every role given to us by the almighty with grace,compassion and sincerity. 

The people of this patriarchal society have forgotten that we women have the womb of the world.If we will not be there then no creation,no new life is possible at all on this mother earth.

Why we women fear???

 Whom do we fear???

Why we women restrict ourselves???

Why we women need a man in our life to fulfill our dreams???

Why we women need to follow the norms and boundaries set up for us by this patriarchal society???

Why can't we break all the shackles that stop us from moving ahead???

Why we women are considered as objects???

Are we only there on this mother earth for sex and pleasure and producing babies???
We have always walked on the embers and have always proved ourselves.We women don't need a man to fulfill our wishes,we need a man to be with us as our friend who always supports us,doesn't matter what the circumstances are. 

 That day will truly be celebrated as international women's day and that too HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY when each and and every women of this world will feel safe and secure,will become fearless.

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Unbreakable,we women.

Thursday, 8 February 2018



Hello readers,today in this blog I am going to share my roller coaster journey in the field of cooking.

Well,I guess most of us love to eat and are big foodies but when it comes to cook and then eat,it really get on our nerves.But the fact I realized in due course of time is that cooking is really fun and a big stress buster if we take a little bit of interest in it.Well,I can't assure but I can surely say that cooking is something everyone should know so that they will not remain empty stomach if there is no one in his/her house at that moment to cook for him/her.

So here is my story.......

I just used to get irritated with the name of cooking but here the irony is I am a big foodie.I love my mom's hand made food and whenever she used to go somewhere for a few days it really used to get on my nerves.My dad also cooks well,but of course not like my mom.So basically those days when she used to for a couple of days for some work I used to remain either empty stomach or else I used to skip my meals.But few months ago I realized that this is really not going to help,I need to learn a bit for myself.
I remember that I used to be someone for whom cooking used to be the last thing on earth.I just knew to make tea,coffee and noodles and yeah omelette which used to be tasteless.

 I remember that even the thought of cooking used to be irritating to me.
But now whenever I cook I really get happy,because it's something that really freshens my mind.

Few months ago also I used to burn the food whenever I used to cook.But I realized one fact that when you cook something and people like it,it feels great.
I am not a too good cook but yeah now I love cooking,it's something really refreshing.

Now I really appreciate all the people who cook for their family and themselves.I used to think cooking as the most irritating job in this world,but now I guess cooking really give happiness.

Cooking also make us independent,because if we will know cooking then we don't have to depend on someone for having cooked food.

 I remember saying that I will never ever cook in my life and will hire a cook to cook food for me.My mom never told me to learn cooking but yeah she do used to say that one should know cooking for their betterment,because if someone knows how to cook,then he/she don't have to starve because they have no one to serve them with the cooked food.But now whenever I remain free I do cook.Now I also do realize the importance of knowing cooking in someone's life.

Last but not the least cooking is one of the most unexpected thing happened in my life because this journey of mine, where in the beginning I used to get bored with just the idea of cooking,now I really enjoy cooking.It's like a brand new experience which provides me refreshment.


Thursday, 11 January 2018



Hello readers!!! Happy New Year to you all.Hope you all are doing well.
This is the first blog written by me in this new year,so I thought to have a conversation with you all with the help of this blog.

Well,in a society where males have always dominated over women it's really not digestible for many men out there to get the fact in their heads that women also do have the same rights as them in this society.

I have seen this very keenly that almost every man whosoever he is,deep down there in his heart he still have the thing that this world is for them to rule,to be honest they just can't take it when they see women rising their voices for justice,for their rights.

But I guess men are not fully responsible that they have these kind of chauvinistic attitude in them,basically our so called cultured society is also responsible for this,because it's the rules that it had set for men and women which have always preferred men.We all have to go a long way to erase this attitude of men and our society towards women.

Someone have true said that if we want to change our society in a better way around then we all need to work together for it because it is us who represents our society. 

How we will be able to create a society which treats a women with respect and give them the rights and justice that they deserve when the men will not take any initiative from their side.

I am not saying that each and every man wants to dominate over women,I just want to say that they need to support women in their journey to achieve the respect and justice they deserve.Why do men fear when a woman becomes independent financially? I guess the answer is that men have understood that if women will become financially independent then men will not be able to dominate over women.

Now the thing is that there are many places where girls are not allowed to go to school,they are married at a very young age,are abused physically and mentally.These things don't let women to become financially independent in their life and ultimately they depend on their parents,spouses for food,house and clothes.

When we talk of establishing gender equality we need to start from our homes.We need to teach the young boys that women are not at all inferior than men,we all are equal.
But this is really difficult because still in many places the birth of a girl is not celebrated.The irony over here is the person who is giving birth is also a women,still women are not considered equal to men.I guess people have forgotten that they fold their hands infront of a goddess when they face any problem in their lives.

We talk of gender equality but still our roads are not safe.We are organizing campaigns,we are talking on social media and media channels regarding safety of women,we all are so concerned regarding women safety,we have laws to protect women but still we are not able to make our roads safe for the women.Basically people need to change their minds,they need to have the thought that women are equal to men,then only I guess we will to be able to establish a society where there is gender equality.
Basically in our society it is taught that men are superior to women which ultimately make men to think that they can do whatever they want with women.Honestly speaking we need to fight with this mentality.

If still some men think that they will again be able to dominate over women,then let me tell them that this is not going to happen,we will not let you do whatever you want just because you have got the tag of being superior to women from our so called cultured society.

Last but not the least I would like to share one real story with you all:

That day is still afresh in my mind.I was in standard 8 and our teacher asked us regarding the educational qualification of our mother.There were very few among whom I was also there whose mom was a graduate.That day was an eye opener.

Every time kids are asked about the profession of their father,in very few cases I have seen that a kid is asked regarding the profession of his/her mother.
I hope that our next generation will be asked both regarding the profession of their dad and mom.
May this new year brings the rays of hope and open the doors of success to women for whom education is still an illusion.
This year I wish that we all will be able to bring out some positive changes in our lives which will be an eye opener for many.
Let's make a society where the burden of earning the bread will not be only on a man an the tag of housewife will make every women feel proud.
I hope one day will come when the kids will be asked "what is the profession of your mother? "




Wednesday, 13 December 2017



Hello readers!!!!! Hope you all are well and good. 
Today I thought to put and share a viewpoint of mine in front of all of you,which eventually as you will read the blog you will come to know.
Well,I guess for all of us our mom is the most loved person in our life.We all generally attach the words love,care,affection with the most beautiful word of the word MOTHER.It is said that everywhere god cannot be there to protect us,that's why god created mothers.
But let me ask you one thing and yeah please be very honest while answering it and the question is ''WHO IS THAT PERSON LIKE WHOM YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU WILL GROW UP?''

Most of you will tell the name of some famous personalities from a particular fields whose life story have inspired you and there is nothing wrong in it.Even when I was a kid I also used to have names of famous personalities while answering the above question.But as I grew up I understood one fact that there is nothing more motivating and inspiring than a mother who inspires and motivates and supports you in each and every thing,yeah that's true that everything is not perfect.

Okay let me give a brief introduction about my mom.Well,My mom is a 49 year old,graduated(was average in studies) homemaker.
Now in this above given one line description about my mom,did you guys found anything motivating????

I guess that's a tough question for you all.Neither my mom was an university topper nor she is some working woman.Basically if you look like that there is no motivating factor.I guess in our country we never associate the words inspiring and motivating with the word homemaker,because they are not the bread earners for their home.

Now there is one thing that i would like to tell you all that I neither want to be a homemaker in the near future nor I am someone who sits at home and talk.I was always a very bright student and now I study engineering in one of the best colleges of my country.

You know we all fascinate the word MANAGER,isn't it.But you know we have the best manager in our home and that is our mom.Now let me ask you who is the best manager,the best manager is someone who knows each and every stuff of his/her workplace the best,Correct right.

So,tell me one thing who knows our home and it's stuff the best,our mom right.She knows  in detail how much grocery items we have,how much we require every month,how much we need or we will need on a daily basis,where each and every item is kept,when the groceries present in our home will get over,she knows what each and every person of the family likes and dislikes,she comes to know about our mood just by looking at our facial expressions,she knows what we do when we are happy or sad and what not.Basically she knows each and every nerve of us and our home the best.That's why she is the best manager of the world and the manager of our home.When she is alright everything in our home remains as it is otherwise we all know that we are just pathetic in remembering even our own things.

You know we quarrel with our mom,we get angry on each other,but there is that lovely connection that we have with our mom which make us forget everything and at the end of the day it is her lap where we find our solace.

I guess when we are at the lowest point of my life,it is her motivating words which makes me feel better not the motivating words of any motivating speaker.
When we need someone to say us that everything will be alright,we just want our moms to say that.Like every word of her is the ultimate truth of the word.

In our country homemakers never get the respect they deserve because they don't get a salary but I guess their job is something which neither have holidays nor salary and the irony is that they work 24*7 for us still people say she don't work.Just imagine if one day she will take a leave for her job will we be able to have a smooth life which we enjoy.I guess it's a big no.

I guess every mom was given some ultimate power that they have patience and softness in their behavior but at the same time when it is required she is a strict teacher also.
It is generally said that at one point of life mothers and daughters become the best friends.I guess women will be able to relate to me in this case.

Yeah that is true that a homemaker don't earn the money which is required for having the things that we need for a living but isn't it the matter of fact that homemakers runs the house and they are the CEO's of our homes who knows what,when and how to do a thing that it will be the best for the members of the family.

My mom always tell me one thing that I need to financially independent,I need to be something worth it in my life because we women are only someone's daughter,someone's wife and someone's mom,we are also human beings who have ambitions.

I guess if we will talk to a woman who is a homemaker,we will come to know that the word homemaker don't have the motivation and inspiration in it though they are someone who keep us going in our life.

I don't know if ever in my life I will be able to develop that level of patience and love that my mom have,but one thing is for sure that she is someone who keeps me going in my life.Yeah there are many things on which my mom's and my thoughts conflicts but ultimately she is someone who understands me the best. 

Through this blog of mine I would like to say that it may be the thing that many of us don't have working moms but you know they also deserve the same respect that other glorious professions of this world gets.

Last but not the least a big HATS OFF to all the moms who sacrificed their whole life for her family without any hesitation.Never ever think that you are less in any thing than the bread earner of your house.If the bread earners purchase the bread for us then you are the one who cook and serve it to us does not matter what is the time and the weather there.

You are equally important or I should say more important.The house was just made up of bricks and cement,it was you who made it home and eventually it became the heaven for us.



Wednesday, 6 December 2017



Well,today we people give importance to trend rather than comfort.Is that the sign of getting modern??

We people are somehow loosing our moral values.Is that the sign of getting modern??

Day by day we are loosing our character and are trying to become someone else.Is that the sign of getting modern??
We don't have the time to talk and message our loved ones,but we do have time for posting pictures with catchy captions on social media.Is that the sign of getting modern??

We are forgetting our own culture.Is that the sign of getting modern????

We are developing traits like double standards,dishonesty.Are these the signs of getting modern????

We run away from our responsibility.Is that the sign of getting modern??

We don't even think once before talking rubbish about a person or to badmouth someone.Is that the sign of getting modern??

We take the help of drugs,alcohol,cigarettes and what not.Are these the sign of getting modern??

We lack common sense and somehow discipline is getting evicted by our day to day life.Are these the signs of getting modern???

We judge people and disrespect them without even knowing the facts and figures.Is that a sign that we are getting modern???


Well,these are some of the questions which I want to discuss today with the help of this blog.
I don't know why but isn't it strange that as we are getting more and more educated we are somehow loosing our moral values.Basically we are becoming someone who just take the help of any path,does not matter how wrong it is to win over something.Is that we are learning?? Is that something that we always boasts that we are modern?? It's a big no.
Somehow today we focus more on the trends rather than comfort.Be it in the case of lifestyle,clothes or whatever.We are just trying to impress people with our looks,clothes,way of living but what about the soul that is within us.Is it really getting happy with this way of life.Don't it shout everyday to us that it wants to be free,it wants to be it's true self.
We always talk about our busy life and lack of time for our near and dear ones.But the fact is it is all about priority.The people whom we love,basically we always take out time for them,no matter how much busy we are.
We just don't want to take anyone's responsibility.I have seen people running away even from their duty they have towards their own family and home.Let me tell you something dear modern people that is the day you are having a day off from your busy life,you can take out some time and fulfill your responsibilities towards your family.If you will wash the utensils of our home,or if you will wash the clothes,or cook for one day,or will go to the market for the grocery items,you will not be called less modern from anyone.You may have maids and people who work for you but working for your own family and house is not a burden or something that will let you down because you earn a lot and can afford people who will work for you.There are a lot many things that we can learn from our home and the people who reside in it.We do have few responsibilities towards the people who always think the best for us.
We say something and do something.The word trust is getting faded day by day.Today we have become so self centered that we don't even know who is our neighbor,saying hi and hello is way too far.
We don't respect our own culture.There are people who don't even feel proud of their mother tongue and the place where they born and grew up.I have came across people who don't even know to read and write in their mother tongue,forget about reading and writing,there are people who don't even understand and don't even know to talk in their mother tongue. 
We back stab people,badmouth them but we don't want anyone to do that with us.How hypocritical that is.
We people go for alcohol,cigarette,drugs and what not and then we will call ourselves the so called modern educated people.
The crime rates are increasing day by day.Is that how a modern and well educated society runs? It's a big NO.We need to work together to make this society a better place to live in.
We don't think twice before judging others or before disrespecting anyone or before framing things about a person without even having the facts and figures with us regarding that person.Is that how educated and so called modern people behave!!!!
We lack simple civic sense and talk about big issues.We somehow are loosing our common sense day by day.We don't think twice before reacting or before saying a thing.Discipline is said to be the key for a good life,but somehow we are loosing this lifeline day by day and are heading towards a life where discipline is not there in the picture.
Last but not the least I would like to say that getting modern is nowhere related to our clothes or our way of life or how big our car is or how much alcohol do we consume or how much outgoing we are or how many night clubs we have visited,it's our thoughts which make us modern.We need to someone with vision because that will help us to be better and better each day.
Showoff is not the sign of modernity nor is hypocrisy.We need to be a person with vision,mission and thoughts who will always try to follow the path of enlightenment. 
We need to fight with the inner demons in our society.We need to be the change.
We need to build and character with strong moral values.We need to love and respect our culture and our people.
Basically this era is witnessing hypocrisy like never before.We all need to come forward to create society where we all will be real and reel.
That sums up the blog......Thank you for reading.....


Tuesday, 5 December 2017



Well,feminism and women empowerment are one of the most sought after topics in today's world.Almost every man today projects himself as someone who is really concerned about women rights and empowerment on social media and all.But is that their true picture?

I guess it's a big no,their reel and real pictures are entirely different.
I don't know what I really need to call these double faced men for their attitude but one thing is for sure that these are those people who will always try to put women down in every way possible but not infront of everyone,which is a way more dangerous.
I really don't know what's the issue with these men,but one thing is for sure that they just can't take it when they come across women who carved in their names in gold on the pages of history with their outstanding work.
We talk a lot on the International women's day that we need to do this,we need to do that and what not regarding women empowerment but the irony is that still our roads are not safe.
All men are not rapists but the fact is that today also we women fear to move out alone at night due to them only.Almost every women have faced eve teasing in their life.Some talk about it some don't.
Few days ago a caption called #metoo got viral on the social media,but does that brought any change in our society,does that brought any change on the minds of these men who just know how to trouble women.
 Why still we all are silent about it in our real lives and are vocal about it on social media? We need to wake up and act,it's not the time for women for becoming reactive,it's the time to become proactive.
We women need to talk,hustle about it.We need to make sure that our voices will be heard.
I don't understand why always our society blames a women rather than that man who was the culprit.I have seen women blaming other women rather than blaming the man.I really want to tell those women that they should really self introspect regarding their state of mind.
I come across a lot of posts where men who talk about women empowerment posts pictures or write ups on women which may look funny but they actually insult women.What is the fun about talking on the body parts of a women.Do you men come across these kinds of rubbish against you by any women? It's basically a big no.
 When you people who call themselves MEN groped a girl in broad daylight or in the darkest hour of the night,did you ever thought what will happen if the same thing will happen with you.Won't you feel disgusted when someone will try to touch you against your wishes.I don't know what really makes you a man when you do these disgusting things.
Now people will talk about sexual attraction,now let me tell those people that it's a very natural thing that women and men will be attracted towards each other,but does attraction means that men can do whatever they want.Who gave you the rights to touch a women against her wishes? How dare you that you look at us with those eyes having only lust and hunger for the body of the women.Don't you feel disgusted if the same will happen to you?
I have seen a lot of boys drawing female body parts and then joking with each other regarding that,now I really want to ask what's funny in this.Have you ever come across girls who draw your body parts and then make fun of it? It's a big no.
Basically you guys should go and get a life.You talk about women empowerment.Basically ypu should first go and learn how to respect a women.
A women's body is not an object that you objectify it,make fun of it.
Have you men ever thought that what kind of society you are making for your daughters.Don't you have shame? Basically you don't.
What kind of society this is where we talk about women's rights but still women have to face the wrath of the society when the culprit is someone else.What kind of society we are making for our daughters? What kind of examples basically you men are setting up for the future men of this mother earth.
Law and order can't do anything until we will try to make a better society for women.
Why parents still fear when their daughters go out alone.Can't we set a society where every women is respected.
You men fold your hands infront of the goddess who is also a women then why you don't respect women.
I am not saying that every man is a molester,that every man is a rapists but those are men who rape women,who molests women.
Many men blames the dress of a women when something unfortunate happens with her,i really want to ask you have you ever seen a women sexualizing your body when you wear just a trouser and come out of your home.No right?
You can come out in just a trouser and you blame we women even when we are well dresses.First go and stand infront  the mirror and ask yourself whether you are real man or not.
No man can even imagine that pain of that a women go through when you men touch them without their consent.
I don't understand when a women say a no to a man for the marriage proposal,why do the man thinks it's an insult for him.
We all come across news regarding acid attacks,rapes happened just because the women said  no to the man for the marriage.I mean how disgusting and in-human is that.
I have many a times heard boys talking rubbish and disgusting stuffs regarding female private body parts with their friends.I really want to ask what makes you talk rubbish regarding us.Don't you think that you are also born from a female.
There is basically a limit to everything.This needs to get stop.
How dare a boy that he speaks rubbish regarding women's body?How dare they that they touch women against their consent?How dare they objectify the body of a women?
Men and women both are the part of this society and we all need to work for the betterment of it.
Talking on social media don't helps but if you men will try to make a better society in true sense for women it will definitely help.
I would like to tell those men who pass disgusting comments on women,who looks at women with lust,go and check whether you are a man or not.Because real men don't behave like that.
Have you ever seen we women passing disgusting comments on you when you passes by? No right.Then what makes you behave like that with a woman.
We saw how women came out and joined the movement with # metoo on social media,but still did that brought any change in our society.Men who were supporting women and women empowerment,what happened to you.What happened to that man inside you who was talking on women's right? 
Last but not the least I would like to conclude my blog by saying that women please wake up and fight for your rights.Enough is enough.We only give birth to these men then why we need to fear them.We just need to be proactive.We just need to take what is ours.We need to speak for ourselves otherwise what will happen to our daughters.We need to make sure that these men get it in their big fat heads that we women are not an object,we are human beings as well.



Monday, 4 December 2017



Hello readers...
Hope you are fine and doing well in your respective fields.
Basically today the purpose of mine behind writing this blog is to convey a simple message to each and everyone which reads "finding oneself".
Well,we all human beings are different from each other and have their individuality.We all have plans for our life but often very few of them get executed or we can say get execute well.
Often,we listen to others and their opinions and give more value to them rather than our own and in maximum of the cases this leads to a very unhappy life.

Well,like every other parents,my parents also had set some goals for me since that time when may be I was not having any idea regarding all these heavy terms ambitions,accomplishments and what not.Like every other parents they thought I will fulfill all their dreams that were not able to in their times.I am not saying that it's wrong but to be honest their expectations from me somewhere killed my dreams,though I live my dreams each and every day,every moment.From childhood I was very good in academics,in one word higher achiever.This lead everyone to think that I can study anything and I can become anything but there is a catch in this matter that each and every person present in this mother earth can achieve anything and everything provided they want it. 
I still remember the day my 10th results got out and I got 95 percentage.That day was remained carved on my mind not only because I did well in my exams but also because that day I told my parents that I don't want to pursue science and i want to go for commerce because I want to pursue management.This was no more than a shock for them that I don't want to pursue MEDICAL SCIENCE OR ENGINEERING,because they had set their minds up that I will take science and will go for wither MEDICAL SCIENCE OR ENGINEERING.I tried but they were not convinced.For them it was something beyond their wildest dreams.
To be honest I always thought that I will go for MEDICAL SCIENCE as my parents wants me to go for that but when I came to standard 10,I realized what actually I want to do in my life.
But may be life had other plans for me.I took science and then ended up in engineering for a secure future.Right now I am a third year student of engineering,something which I literally never wanted to study ever in my life.

All I can say is that somehow I lost myself and my dreams amidst all these chaos of success,name,fame and money.
When I joined engineering I determined to give my best.I had just one thought that I will lead a very secure and happy life after engineering.But the fact is I was hell wrong.Now this is not the fault of engineering,the truth is that I am getting frustrated and disappointed day by day because I don't have even one percent of interest in engineering.
I remember after I told my parents that I want to  go for commerce,people whom I had not seen ever before used to come and give me advises regarding my future.
I got scared.I thought everyone else is correct except myself.

Today each and every moment I feel if that day I would have tried enough without any hesitation and fear and would have talked freely with my parents may be they would have got convinced and today I would been somewhere else.

I really don't remember when for the last time I had studied any subject with interest and enthusiasm for gaining knowledge about it.From the last 5 years I am just after marks and nothing else.Basically I have not learned anything.Day by day frustration is the thing which is growing and nothing else.
When we try to be someone we are not,when we do something just because we need to,when we just care about the outcomes of what we are doing,all these collectively leads to a mechanical life which don't have any emotional connect with the work,what it knows is just how to work and when to work.

The matter of fact is there is a huge difference in being really happy and to pretend to be happy.When we pretend to be happy with our work we basically fails to give our best to it.

I don't know but somehow nowadays writing gives me a lot of happiness.Though I never wanted to become a writer but then also there is a some emotional connect I feel that I have with words.

Very few of us are really fortunate enough who get to work in their field of interest,rest of us work mechanically just for money,name and fame but never gets that satisfaction and happiness that one should get from his/her work or job.

It's true that everyone can't get the thing he/she wants but atleast we can pursue our passion so that we will not loose our trueself.

It's the need of the hour to wake up,to know what we want to become,to pursue our passions.

Generally,no one supports when we try to do something which is little offbeat or something challenging and seems to be difficult.But that does not mean that we should give up,rather we should work more harder to achieve what we want because our work speaks when our words get lost somewhere in the chaos of voices which are trying to put us down.

Basically I have learned one thing that complaining won't help,we need to work work and work for achieving what we want.

Many a times standing alone do helps.I believe when we learn to walk alone even in the darkest hours,we basically learn to fight no matter what the situation is.

Today I can say one thing that it's really important to give utmost importance to our own thoughts rather than others.We should listen our own voice first.
When we discover ourself,when we get to know which voices we need to listen,when we start giving importance to our dreams and instincts we really lead a very happy life where is there happiness,relief and satisfaction.

Someone have true said that when we discover ourselves,that what we are and what we want,no one can let us down.

Through this blog I would like to say that we all should give an honest try to our dreams.Our parents and loved ones will never want our bad.We just need to make sure that we explain our vision,our dreams to our parents in such a way that they will believe in us and our dreams.

We really need to believe ourselves more than anyone else in this whole world.

Most importantly we should never let our dreams to fade away from our minds,our dreams basically help us to live each and every moment of our life.When we live a life where we just work mechanically without any emotional connect with our work,without any dreams we eventually loose ourselves.

When we live our dreams we basically find ourselves. 

Last but not the least I will sum up this blog today with one of the poems that I wrote.


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