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COMPLICATED LIFE!!!!!!Life is not complicated at all,it's our very own thoughts which make it complicated like hell. Sometimes our ego overpowers us in such a way that we forget that ego can never bring happiness in our life.It's important to have self respect,but when self respect gets converted into something called as ego it brings the storm of unhappiness in all our lives.
Whenever we feel that why I should? Why not he/she first? that is the point of life when we should really self introspect that whether it is a matter of self respect or it's our big fat ego.These thoughts only make us loose our loved ones,our friends.In this era where we need to travel faster than time often to go ahead in our life we leave some people behind who at some point of time were our most loved ones.
We often forget that we have got just one life where we came alone and from where one day we will go alone,then why to have such complicated thoughts in our mind which snatches our peace of mind.


THE CANDLE OF OUR LIFE: OUR TEACHERSIf there is someone who brings the best out of us in a true sense then I must say they are our teachers.It's not that every teacher is the same or every teacher inspires us,but we all have some teachers in our life who changed our vision towards life.I as an individual was really fortunate to have such teachers in my life who motivated me a lot.They believed in me more than I did.

Someone true said that we all had one person in our life who made our negatives into positives,who changed our outlook in such a way that whenever today we look back we thank them that they took the initiative to empower us,to build our character. My teachers taught me to believe in myself,to love myself,to respect myself for whatever I have.

I can never ever forget the immense contribution my teachers have in my life.I remember when Vivek sir always used to tell me that always believe in yourself and your hardwork,someday you will be proud of yourself and will make your…


KNOW YOURSELF!!!!! Do you really know your strengths and weaknesses?Do you really know what is your passion?Do you really know what you want to do in your life?Do you know your USP?Do you admire,love and respect yourself.Are you really confident enough regarding all the decisions that you have taken in your life till date?Do you really appreciate whatever you have?Do you believe that dreams really do come true?Well these are just some questions which I guess we should really know about ourselves. One of the best realization in life is what is called as SELF REALIZATION,that means you know yourself in a true sense.
 The most magical thing in knowing our own selves is that we know what is our purpose in life,for what we are over here on this mother earth. Many of us are confused about their life.Many are there who are frustrated with their day to day monotonous schedule of life. 
We all human beings have a USP which make us stand out from the crowd,which gives a purpose for living the life.T…


Well,it's damn true that we all human beings are different from each other,we are different individuals having different perspective in our life,have different goals,have different likes and dislikes.But being in a society where certain terms and conditions are followed many a times we do stuffs in our life,follow certain rules,traditions and all on which we do not believe at all.It's sometimes too difficult to believe in something,to do something which we don't admire in our life at all but for being someone who is accepted by the society we do become the ardent follower of all the terms and conditions set up by our society for us.Being a rebel is not just being a different individuality just like all human beings are of different individuality,being a rebel is like someone who stand out of the crowd,who is a game changer not a follower,who have his/her own view and perspective for life which makes other think,which inspires and motivate others.
I have seen pe…


BE UNSHAKEABLE.BE UNBREAKABLE.BE UNSTOPPABLE.Whatever may be the situation we have to be unshakeable,unbreakable and unstoppable to achieve our goals. We always should keep in our mind that sometimes its not our day,sometimes its not our door of opportunity,sometimes the person we want to be in our life is not meant for us,sometimes we need to accept the that the thing for which we tried so much is not for us,sometimes we need to compromise,sometimes we need to accept.That's life.And we need to unshakeable,unbreakable,unstoppable. Many of us can't just take it when they don't get the thing they desire for.Many of us breaks down when their dream shatters.Many of us can't accept the harsh reality of life.But that's what life is all about.You have to be strong enough to achieve your goals.Mere difficult circumstances can't be strong enough to shake us,to break us,to stop us from achieving our ambitions.If difficult circumstances will get overpower on us,then we nee…


BEING JUDGEMENTAL He/She is so old-fashioned!!!!He/She is a bookworm!!!!! Idiot!!!!See that stupid!!! Such a stupid he/she is!!!!!There comes the stupid zombie!!!!Such an arrogant person!!!!!!!How can someone be his/her friend!!!!! He/she is such a pain!!!! My goodness!!!!What a joker he/she is!!!! Always smiling like an idiot!!!!!!! See that man/woman,he/she is so fat!!!!These are just some comments rather we can negative comments that generally we form about someone whom many a times we even don't know properly.This kind of attitude is something which is called as being judgemental.We all often come across many comments that are either passed on us or on someone else.Many a times or it is better to say that maximum of the times those comments or we can say remarks are negative in nature.The reason is that sometimes we people do behave like someone who is judgemental.
We meet or we can say come across so many people in our lives and they are a part of our journey of life.Some becom…


FIND YOURSELF. CREATE YOURSELF. CELEBRATE YOURSELF. In this journey of life many a times we loose our individuality because of some reason or the other.Sometimes circumstances are not in our favour,sometimes the day is not ours,sometimes our own people is the reason of our personality.We change ourselves,no its better to say we mend ourselves according to the situation,according to the phase of life,according to the people we love.

 Many a times for making others happy our happiness goes in vain.We always try to make the people around us happy forgetting our individuality.

 Many of us are confused about their future,but always thinking about the future ruin the happiness of present time.Many of us have thoughts in our mind regarding our life,regarding making our life better than what it is right now.But I guess we will be able to make our life better than what it is now if we will try to find what we is our actual individuality,what are our interests,which are those things which makes us…

BE THE CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

BE THE CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!! Many of us are not at all happy with our society.Everyday we think that the society should change to be better.But very few of us have the courage,determination and dedication for bringing out the change in our society and to work for it.Always blaming a thing and doing nothing for it don't work at all.The thing is we need to tie our shoe laces and should start working towards the change we wish to see in our society and world.
Many of us dream to change the world with their thoughts and work.If I am not wrong the world population is more than 7 billion and we are just one.Isn't it to difficult to bring the change all alone in this world with a 7 billion plus population????????? I guess its too difficult but its easy to change our own thinking,our own self,to be the change that we wish to see is this world. We may not be able to bring the change in the lives of crores of people but we can definitely create an impact in some lives with our thoughts and wor…


FRIENDS REUNION!!!! What a beautiful journey life is!!!!!! It have all that a journey should have challenges,thrills,surprises,happiness,sorrow,memories,ambitions,dreams and one of the most complicated one called RELATIONSHIPS   Relationships are directly proportional to time.Time changes so as relationships.The thing which remains is the memories associated with them. In all of our lives we all had one person who used to be so important to us some years back does not even matter.We even don't care about them.But there was a time when we used to crave for their attention. We all had some people in our lives with whom we never used to get bored,with whom we used to talk a lot,with whom we never needed any topic to start the conversation,with whom we used to share our secrets,with whom we used to share our happiness and sorrow,who was our partner in crimes but today we hardly talk because time changes us and so our priorities too. I guess we all love our school days an…