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MY MOTHERLAND INDIA We all want our country to progress in every sector but how many of us are really into the process of making our country to progress in every way possible.It's true that our country have many loopholes and we have to move a long way to make our country developed in every possible way.
 Government alone can't make our country a developed one we all need to contribute in every way possible for making our nation to stand strong and to be one of those nations which is truly developed and for whose visa even the citizens of the most powerful nations stand in a queue.
 Our country have each and everything that a nations needs for its development,be it's man power,or resources,or climate etc.The thing that we need to make our country the golden bird again is the unconditional love for our motherland.
The day we citizens of this great country will realize our strengths and potential,that day no one will be able to stop our nation to become the golden bird again.We …


BEING ORIGINAL We simply loose our own self when we try to do something or be someone which we are not and in which we don't believe it. Some change for being someone better. Some change for getting attention. Some change in the name of doing something new in their life. Today,let's unfold the journey of the feeling of being the person who is the best in his/her own self because they are original version of themselves. 
When we see someone who have done something really worth it in their life we just want to become someone like them whom everyone admire.But the matter of fact is when someone achieve something really worth it,when they prove themselves,when they make themselves proud,when they make everyone thrill with their work it's because they are the original version of themselves,they believed themselves when everyone tried to put them down,they never believed in the idea of grabbing attention,they never did anything in which they don't believe in,they never supported …


Success is what we all want but then why do we give up so easily when we know that trying one more time will not snatch anything from us,rather we may be able to achieve our goals.It hurts when people doubt on our dreams,when they laugh on our ambitions,when they say that it is just impossible to achieve our goals,and that our goals are too big to achieve.
But I believe we should take all  their criticism in a positive way then only we will be able to reach our destination.
Many a times our parents,our siblings,our relatives find our dreams to be unrealistic but I believe the day we will achieve our dreams,on that day no one will have any complaints from us.
I believe we all should follow our mind and heart first,then only we will be able to fulfill all our dreams.Many a times when even after trying so hard,we fail we get disappointed,we start doubting our capability and our ambitions,we blame our luck,we get frustrated but the most important thing is that these things …


COMPANY DO MATTER Today many of us are hungry for getting attention.We all want to get popular among our peers and other people.We all want friends,we fear to be alone.Many a times this hunger of getting attention and being popular and of course the fear of being alone compel us to be with people who are way different from the those with whom we want to be. It's true that no one can live alone all their life on earth but I believe it's way better to be alone rather than being with those people with whom we can't connect ourselves and our ideologies. I believe that we should be with them who inspires us,whom we admire,who share the same thoughts and ideologies as we do,who have similar ambitions in their life,who are original version of themselves,who are with us unconditionally,who motivates us everyday to be better than the previous day,who make us a matter person.For sure this will make our journey to success easier and worth it.
Every person is different,have different in…