Hello everyone out there.Hope you all are doing well in your lives.
Before reading this blog,let me clarify that this blog can be read by both women and men.
I remember,I was 10 years old when I had my periods for the first time,moreover I was too young to understand all about it.I didn't went school for five days.I was told not to tell anyone about this especially men,how weird know!!!
As if some secret will get revealed.In this 21st century also women are always discriminated due to menstruation.We need to carry a sanitary pad packet in a black polythene so that no one will know that are going through our periods.We are not even allowed to enter temples.I think this so called well cultured society have forgotten that goddesses in temples are also women.Even having pickles are also not allowed.
What's the shame all about!!
I believe we women need to talk about it more and more so that women who suffers those five days every month can get the necessary awareness regarding the issue.
We don't talk about menstruation but the society wants us to give good news to them right after one year of getting married.I mean isn't that disgusting!!
If we won't have periods how will the birth of a human being is possible on this mother earth.
I have seen men making faces when they hear about menstruation,I mean dude you are born because your mother had periods,seven days a month,twelve months in a year,and half of her lifetime.
Well people are there who always have the disgust on their face when they encounter a women in her periods.I mean isn't that they are actually having disgust regarding themselves.
I don't understand why our society behaves insane,periods are normal and they are just one biological phenomena.
There are many women who don't have any awareness regarding menstrual health,it's high time that we make them aware of this.
Periods are not our weakness,that's something we all women should be proud of,after all the almighty have given us the blessing to be a mother to someone.
Even women are there who always tries to make girls not to step out of their home during menstruation.I mean how insane people are.
There are women who don't have access to sanitary pads,some even don't have heard about the sanitary pads.I mean which century do we live in.What's the thing that we need to whisper and talk about periods.These disgusting norms are only for creating barriers before we women,and we need to fight against these evil practices in our society.
I have seen educated people having a lower grade mentality regarding periods.
Let me tell them that we women are proud,that we bleed red,after all we have the womb of the world.Then why to disgust about periods,it's just as normal as having fever.So,ladies out there just talk about it whenever needed,I am not asking women to shout aloud standing middle of the road regarding periods but at least they should talk about it without any hesitation when required. 
We make 100 trips to the washroom,check our clothes(especially when we wear white),don't wear light colours.I mean women please stop pleasing the society,and lead a life you want.Why to give someone else the string of your life!!




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